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The Amazon Medicine and the Indigenous Ashanika Community – Amazonian Forest – Perù

  • Introduction

The tradition of the Ashaninka people of Amazonia comprises a large group of tribes in the Arawak linguistic family historically located between Peru and Brazil. Its occupation area stretching from the east of the Andes and the high Yurúa in the high forest between 500 and 1500 m in the valleys as Perené, Chandigarh, Satipo, Jan, Great Grasslands and 350 of the lowland cone Urubamba and Ucayali.

With approximately 60,000 inhabitants it is the largest group in the Peruvian Amazon.

The Ashaninka knowledge of the forest is shown in a refined traditional polyculture, where the biological relationships between different essences determines a inter species communication. Understand how to communicate with each other essences is to understand the biochemical language and the way they interact with the human body.

In particular medicine has consolidated over the centuries a tradition and a major therapeutic school.


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